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Atlantic Equities

Atlantic Equities is a US equity brokerage firm based in London servicing European institutional investors.


Atlantic Equities does not provide any services as a U.S. brokerage firm and does not provide U.S. brokerage services.


Formed in 2003 by an established team from Cazenove, one of the most respected investment banks in the UK, Atlantic Equities conducts and publishes fundamental, bottom up research on mid and large cap US companies.

Atlantic provide order execution through a wide range of DMA products and algorithmic trading suites.

Highly-experienced analysts and salespeople who are in the same time zone as our European client base, enabling superior access and collaborative relationships.
Close relationships with senior US management as exemplified by our outstanding programme of non-deal roadshows.
A focus on actionable investment ideas that will enhance our clients' investment returns.
A London-based sales trading team covering US market hours, executing customer orders across a wide range of trading venues.

Corporate & Roadshows

Each year, Atlantic Equities organises European roadshows and investor meetings for over 100 US companies, introducing senior management to the key institutions that we know and speak with on a daily basis.

Our overwhelming priority is to put management teams in front of the right investors, either current or potential. We achieve this using our local knowledge of what European investors own and where their interests lie. Prior to investor meetings, we provide management with in-depth briefing notes and, afterwards, we compile timely, detailed and frank feedback. If you are an IRO or member of management at a US corporation then we would be delighted to have a “no obligations” discussion regarding the most effective means of targeting European investors.


Please contact Lisa Traeger, our Corporate Relationship Officer, on +44 (0) 20 7382 2937 or email for more information.


Our People

Steve Chesney
Lisa Christou
Simon Clinch
Atlantic Equities-25_edited_edited.jpg
James Cordwell
Gaia Dean
Rupert Della-Porta
Tom Dixey CFA
Andy Entwistle
Hamilton Faber
Atlantic Equities-28_edited.jpg
John Heagerty
Oliver Herington
Oliver Holmes CFA
Sam Hudson CFA
Colin Isaac
Nanette Jaeger
Fredi Keller
Atlantic Equities-2_edited.jpg
Edward Lewis
Kunaal web.jpg
Kunaal Malde CFA
Atlantic Equities-3_edited.jpg
Markus McNally
Atlantic Equities-11_edited.jpg
Christopher Middleton
Leif Millarg CFA
Atlantic Equities-8_edited_edited.jpg
Daniela Nedialkova CFA
Megan Oakden
Atlantic Equities-30_edited.jpg
Keely Oliver
Atlantic Equities-35_edited.jpg
Martyn Panting
Pooja Patel
Richard Radbourne
Daniel Richardson
Peter Sazel
Ella Scott
peter smart_edited.jpg
Peter Smart
Lisa Traeger
Andy Tse
andy westoby_edited.jpg
Andrew Westoby
Sophie Xiao


Atlantic Equities is currently hiring equity research analysts with experience of either covering US equities or deep knowledge of a particular industry that can be applied to the US.

Please contact Rupert Della-Porta for further information.

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